About us

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the effective leadership of multidisciplinary teams. Our personal goals, which are centred on the development and empowerment of team members, and effective communication has resulted in a high levels of collaboration within project teams thus promoting better outcomes. Our members are professional engineers (PrEng) with post-graduate qualifications (M.Eng) in project management.

Shama Consultants maintains an effective ability to plan, execute and complete projects by applying well developed systems and programs driven by a philosophy of early construction involvement. We combine the consulting process with deep technical expertise to deliver on our reputation of excellence.

Our Approach

Our business approach is focused on sustainability and innovative thinking, seeking out the most appropriate and sustainable solutions.
Whatever the project undertaking, we aim to apply our insight, innovation and professionalism to every aspect of the operation – from its inception to its successful completion.

The client can be ensured that they will enjoy hands-on and personal attention and that the high standards set by you and your company will be maintained.
We strive to remain technologically on the cutting edge and with international experience we can offer clients the very latest, most cost effective and accurate design solutions available.

Our Technology

Parametric 3D component design software, finite element analysis